Kagen no Tsuki is a 1998 manga written by Ai Yazawa. It was serialized in Ribon, and published by Shueisha into three volumes with a total of sixteen chapters.

In 2004[1], the manga was republished into two volumes to to coincide with the film adapted from it. The manga was republished again into two volumes on March 19, 2013.[2]


Cover Volume # Japanese release date ISBN
Volume-1 1 December, 1998[3] 9784088561141
Volume-2 2 May, 1999[3] 9784088561431
Volume-3 3 November, 1999[3] 9784088561738



Cover Volume # Japanese release date ISBN
New-Kagen-no-tsuki-1 1 September 17, 2004[4] 9784087820836
New-Kagen-no-tsuki-2 2 September 17, 2004[5] 9784087820843


Cover Volume # Japanese release date ISBN
KnT-new 1 March 19, 2013[6] 9784086194211
KnT-new-2 2 March 19, 2013 9784086194228


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