Character information
Full name
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation Aya
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair color
Eye color
Occupation(s) Student
Relationships Tomoki Anzai (flirt)
Education Sasahara Girl's High School
Aya is the best friend of Mizuki Mochizuki. She and Mizuki both students of Sasahara Girl's High School.

Relationships Edit

Tomoki Anzai Edit

Tomoki cheated on Mizuki with her, because it meant nothing to him. Aya told Mizuki about it. Tomoki thought everything would be okay, if he just apologized once Mizuki found out. But Mizuki noticed that Aya is in love with him, asked him to take responsibility for it, and broke up with him. When Mizuki got in accident, Aya regretted what she did, and the fact, that she told about it Mizuki.

Behind the scenes Edit

In the movie she is portrayed by actress Sakura.

Appearances Edit

Kagen no Tsuki

Kagen no Tsuki (film)

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